Global Chain Manufacturing

Understanding the difference between domestic American made chain and import chain helps make important business decisions. Domestic chain manufacturers follow different guidelines that European and Asian chain manufacturers. Each chain manufacturing style offers varying levels of quality, consistency, and pricing.

American Chain

US chain manufacturers follow much more strict Domestic steel formulas than European and Asian chain manufacturers. These domestic chain strict guidelines ensure consistency in size, tolerances, and pitch of the chain inside length & width.

Chain manufacturers in the USA must maintain the dimension of the chain within a min/max of size nominal/average. American made chain is also tested to ensure guidelines have been met. USA domestic chain manufacturers must also provide traceability back to the steel mill.

European Chain

European Chain is very similar to chain manufactured in North America. Europe has established governing Standards such as EN, DIN, and H-Stamp Certification. The chain tolerance is very consistent between links, drums, and manufacturing lots of chain.

Asian Chain

The difference in chain manufactured in Asia is consistency. Chain manufactured in Asia is not required to follow any of the established International Standards. This allows for a greater variance between links and drums. Asian chain is generally more economical as a result of the inconsistency.

Most of chain manufactured in Asia is low grade carbon chain that is used in various industries such as Trailer Safety Chain, Mine Hanging Chain, and Barrier Chain. These applications generally do not require long lengths or the length is not a concern.