NACM Chain Hook Specifications

Follow the NACM chain hook specification to view use and performance limitation. Individuals can use the lifting hook specification guide to help ensure the use of the correct hooks for commercial performance.

This specification covers the requirements for forged hooks used with Grade 30, Grade 43, and Grade 70 chain as described in the NACM Welded Steel Chain Specifications. Four styles of hooks are tested within these grades: Clevis Grab Hook, Eye Grab Hook, Clevis Slip Hook, Eye Slip Hook.

The conditions involving use in certain environmental situations such as unusual (high or low) temperature, chemical, etc., can cause changes in chain and chain hook performance. Sudden applications of dynamic loads, which cause the load in the chain to exceed the working load limit, are to be avoided.

The specification applies to chain hooks in proper physical condition used at or below the working load limit in normal use conditions. Individual manufacturers will provide information and recommendations concerning those conditions most likely to cause problems.